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DON'T STAND TOO LONG- Sunday, June 5, 2016


As mentioned, I don’t believe excessive standing is as much of a problem as excessive sitting. However, standing can lead to chronic low back pain. To combat the potential effects of standing too long, I recommend taking a break from standing after every 20-30 minutes. Excessive standing is typically considered 50 minutes or longer, but I recommend 20-30 minutes because of spinal memory (see February 7th blog post). If your job or lifestyle requires prolonged standing, bring a stool to your workstation. I suggest sitting for a minute or two every 20-30 minutes. Combining a rest break after 50 minutes, and sitting every 20-30 minutes is a great way to avoid the effects of excessive standing. 

Another suggestion is to switch your weight-bearing foot. Every 10-15 minutes, switch your weight to your right foot. Stand with your weight on the right foot for one minute. Then, switch the weight to your left foot for one minute. Next, stand normally with the weight equally distributed on both feet. In another 10-15 minutes, switch weight-bearing feet again and repeat the process. A different way to accomplish this same concept is with a small step stool. Place the non weight-bearing foot on the small step stool and alternate feet as previously described.  There is no set rule to how frequently you should switch weight-bearing feet. Do what makes you feel best.